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An adventure program hosted by:
Johan Ernst Nilson and Eric Edmeades


See You at the Top

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
6th - 18th February 2017

Why is SYATT so fun & powerful?

The program provides the right combination of excellent skills, strategies and distinctions about mental toughness, leadership and team-building along with real-world opportunity to use and develop those skills.

During your summit of Kilimanjaro you will experience every emotion that you might experience in a year or normal life; this creates an excellent opportunity to learn a great deal about yourself and your interactions with others. SYATT is a truly life-changing experience.

Listen to what a few of our previous clients have said about the trip, while they were still on the mountain. 

What can you expect?

You can expect a life-changing program comprised of:

  • Powerful strategies for mental toughness.
  • Networking with outstanding people.
  • A world-class program.

SYATT will bring together an incredible collection of outstanding people for an adventure that will connected them and form life-long bonds.

What will it be like?

The program will be organized in a variety of parts, all designed to make sure that you have a safe, fun and life changing adventure.

  • Arrival Dinner: Meet your team.
  • Seminar Day: Learn key strategies for mental toughness and communication.
  • Equipment Check: Crew will check all equipment for safety and comfort.
  • Climb Kilimanjaro on a great, gorgeous route.
  • Relaxation Celebration Day - you might want a massage!
  • Community Project.
  • Two days of world-class safari.

SYATT will be enjoyable, fun and impactful. You will meet new life-long friends and, frankly, life will never be the same again.

“It is not the mountain that we conquer, but ourseleves.”

- Edmund Hilary (Part of the team that, in May 1952, first summited Mount Everest)


Your Hosts and Leadership Team

Global Adventurer

Johan Ernst Nilson

One of the worlds leading explorers and motivational speakers. He has logged over 30 expeditions in 145 countries. 

 While most explorers focus on a specific genre, like mountaineering or skiing, Johan Ernst has put his focus on the required motivation and focus more than on the actual adventure. 

Serial Entrepreneur

Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades is an internationally recognized business speaker, serial entrepreneur and the founder of WildFit™

Eric created SYATT in 2007 and has since lead several successful summits of Kilimanjaro since.

SYATT: The Ultimate Leadership Program.

Real Life Adventure

Since 2007, SYATT has provided the most intense leadership and team-building programs on earth. With a 90% summit-success rate, SYATT teaches real strategies for mental toughness, communication, team-building and leadership . And then provides the perfect environment for testing and sharpening those skills: climbing Kilimanarjo.

Join global adventurer Johan Ernst Nilson and international entrepreneur, Eric Edmeades, for a life-changing experience that includes climbing Africa's tallest mountain, world-class African safari and a local community project.

You will learn more about yourself on this program than you might in a year or more of normal life. 

SYATT is also the ultimate networking opportunity for those interested in creating deep and long lasting friendships.

Join us for SYATT2017 and life will, truly, never be the same again.

Join the Adventure

  • SYATT2017
    6 - 18 Feb 2017
    • Feb 5: Arrive
    • Feb 6: Seminar Day
    • Feb 7: Start Climb
    • Feb 8: Climb
    • Feb 9: Climb
    • Feb 10: Climb
    • Feb 11: Climb/Summit
    • Feb 12: Descend
    • Feb 13: Celebration Day
    • Feb 14: Relaxation Day
    • Feb 15: Local Project
    • Feb 16: Safari
    • Feb 17: Safari
    • Feb 18: Final Day
    • Feb 19: Departure Day

Join the waiting list.

SYATT2017 is now over. Please joing the waiting list for updates.


General Information.

You should fly to Kilimanjaro Airport (KIA). We will pick you up and drop you off there.
The program starts on 6 Feb 2017 so you should aim to arrive on 5 Feb at the latest. 
We will send you a full equipment list with various recommendations once you have registered.
We will send you our recommended training program about 6 months before the program starts.